2022 Annual Appeal

The secret to helping traumatized children find happiness again

These children just need someone to care

Have you ever seen a child who has given up on life? They walk slowly, feeling worthless and undeserving of love and caring. Even at a young age, they believe they will never be happy. It will break your heart. At St. Mary’s, we see these children every day when they arrive having experienced sexual abuse, are struggling in school, or living with a psychiatric illness.

But here’s the amazing thing – these young people have all the resilience they require inside of themselves – they just need the right help to find it again. It makes a world of difference for these children when our teams of mental health clinicians, residential counselors, teachers, and nurses pay attention and take their needs into consideration. All of the children we see have the ability to grow and learn and become who they want to be in life – if they receive the care they need right now.

You can be an adult who cares, who pays attention, and helps these children rediscover their sense of self-worth – simply by making a donation today.

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Annual Appeal Letter

Annual Appeal Letter

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