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    420 Fruit Hill Avenue North Providence, Rhode Island

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    Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) - Horton, Hope, & Mauran
    • Intense, supportive treatment including individual, family, and group therapy.
    • Psychiatric services: evaluation, medication monitoring, and Psychiatrist-led treatment planning.
    • Serves girls and transgender youth 13-18 (Horton and Hope) and Youth 6-13 (Mauran).
    • Home-based, community-based, and aftercare services.
    • Peer Parent Support Partners for caregivers and Youth Mentor/Youth Advocate for youth.
    • Family finding and search for family members and other important people in the lives of youth.
    Acute Residential Services (ARTS) - Harding Program
    • Hospital step-down or diversion program which serves boys ages 6-13 and girls ages 6-17. 
    • Intensive short-term stabilization and brief treatment.
    • Psychiatric evaluation, medicine management, assessment treatment planning, Individual, family and group therapy, and educational tutoring.
    • Third-party funded.
    Assessment and Stabilization Services - Hills Program
    • Serves teen girls and transgender youth ages 12-17.
    • Clinical Assessment, Treatment Planning, individual, group, and family therapy.
    • Facilitates transportation to home and school districts,
    • Psychiatric services available as needed.
    • My Life My Choice program available.
    • Coordinates recreational activities in the community.
    • DCYF funded.