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St Mary’s Home for Children celebrates hope and healing each year with several types of events from our annual Children’s Friendship Award to our Shephard Training Series. Check back often to see new information on events.

2020 Children's Friendship Award
2020 Shepherd Training Series
  • We offer an annual Shepherd Training Series, with monthly workshops complete with CEUs, focusing on strengthening and supporting children and families impacted by trauma. For more information, see the 2020 Shepherd Training Series flyer. 
  • Our vast experience in the treatment of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and trauma have brought us to local and national forums which have allowed us to share our expertise, treatment techniques, treatment successes, and clinical insight with others.
  • Should you be interested in professional consultation and/or training specific to concerns regarding sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or other trauma, please contact the Director of the Outpatient Department, Melissa Santoro, at msantoro@smhfc.org. Read more about proffessional consultation in this flyer.
Continuity of Care Group
  • The Continuity of Care Group (CCG) is a collection of community partners who were initially established to create guidelines to specifically qualify providers in the treatment of youth with problematic sexual behaviors as well as the treatment of survivors of child sexual abuse.
  • We have created a list of training topics that we offer in the hopes to provide education and support to service providers from all disciplines to best meet the needs of youth with problematic sexual behaviors, child survivors of sexual abuse and their families. To learn more about these trainings, please see the CCG flyer. Register here for the 2020 Trauma Series Workshops.
  • The Director of the Outpatient Department currently acts as the Chair for the Continuity of care Group and monthly meetings are held at St. Mary’s Home for Children. If you would like to join the CCG meetings, please email MSantoro@smhfc.org to express your interest.

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