Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI)

The Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) program of St. Mary’s Home for Children (SMHFC) promotes excellence and continuous improvement in all functions of the agency including client care and services provided. Leadership endorses the collection and constructive use of data to promote high learning and high performance results. SMHFC values a culture where all stakeholders are encouraged to identify problems through use of data, assess possible solutions, create and implement action plans for positive change, and monitor/assess impact of the plan. Emphasis is placed on correcting systems that impeded efficiency, satisfaction, compliance, service delivery and overall continual improvement. Performance and outcome expectations are communicated in a supportive manner and ensure protection for employees who identify areas of needed improvement. See below for our PQI plan as well as recent reports. 

Change Happens with Awareness of Trauma (CHAT)

St. Mary’s Home for Children also offer CHATS: “Change Happens With Awareness of Trauma.” We encourage you to take a few minutes to CHAT with your colleagues, friends and/or children as appropriate about important issues we all face in our world, and here at our trauma-informed agency.
Our CHATs are designed to introduce topics and start conversations, not to be a substitute for training or consultation with a professional. Please talk to a professional at St. Mary’s if you are concerned or have questions about any of our suggested CHATs.  

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