Adoption Records

Learn about obtaining adoption records

In Rhode Island, the access to adoption records is limited to non-identifying information. Below is the guideline that St Mary’s Home for Children follows in disclosing non-identifying information. Some facts may be excluded either because the information is not in our records or because the information would reveal identities. For further information, visit the Department of Health’s Information for Adult Adoptees and this Health & Safety Page.

Information about you
  • Date, place and time of birth
  • Physical description. The information may include hair color, eye color, complexion, birth weight and length, weight and length upon discharge from agency care
  • Description of agency care. This information may include the date of admittance, type of residence, date of discharge, description of medical attention, development and personal traits.
Information about birth parents and their families
  • Physical Description. This information may include age, weight and build, height, hair color, eye color and complexion.
  • Family description. This information may include family size, relationship to other family members and ethnicity.
  • Personal Description. The information may include a description of personality, likes, dislikes, hobbies, education, school performance, employment history and future plans
  • Medical information.
  • Proof of your identity – drivers license and/or birth certificate.
  • Birth certificates, time frames, names and any other relevant information that could help us locate the records.
  • Type of program that might have been involved (residential, adoption, foster care, respite, etc.)
Additional Information
  • Information may also include the type of planning, the decision making process, any support received and the thoughts about the decision to make an adoption plan.
  • A complete background report is $100.00. Please make checks payable to St. Mary’s Home for Children. Services provided, at no cost, include adding information to the record, checking information added to the adoption record, determining whether the Agency record exists and giving general information.

Contact us
  • Please address inquiries to:

    Director of Operations
    St. Mary’s Home for Children
    420 Fruit Hill Avenue
    North Providence, RI 02911
    (401) 353-3900, ext. 300

Rhode Island registry for adoptees

Rhode Island now has a registry for adoptees. The registry will match you with your parent(s) or child if they are searching too. The address and phone number are:

Rhode Island Family Court
Passive Registry
One Dorrance Plaza
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 458-3290