Meet Our Four-Legged Clinicians

These furry companions of our staff come to St. Mary's to help comfort children, adults, and families we serve

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Therapy Dogs

Who can have a visit from a dog?

All youth in our residential, outpatient, and homebased programs can visit with our therapy dogs. Family members and siblings of our clients are also invited to have a visit with our dogs. We also allow St. Mary’s staff to visit with our four –legged clinicians if they need it!

Where do dogs visit?

Our therapy dogs visit on the grounds and campus of St. Mary’s Home for Children – including our school.

How does a client schedule a dog visit?

Any of our youth or family clients are invited to contact the therapy dog’s handler to schedule a time to meet.  Many of the dogs “work” on Fridays, but there can be visits with our therapy dogs any day of the week. Ask your St. Mary’s clinician or other staff about setting up a visit with our dogs.

What happens during a dog visit?

It’s actually pretty amazing how many fun and relaxing activities are done with our therapy dogs. Our dogs are used to help youth, families, and staff de-stress, greet staff and children in the morning, play outside and inside, or just relax. Our therapy dogs are usually on the move, and they absolutely love the attention they receive. Best of all, our therapy dog team gives unconditional love!

Who owns the dogs and where do they live?

Our clinicians and staff members own each individual therapy dog and they live with their person at home.

Meet Our Furry Team! 

Dog Frankie


Dog Furnondo


Dog Matilda


Dog Mattie


Dog Pee Wee

Pee Wee



Dog Rango