Learn about what clients think of our services - in their own words
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Testimonial #1

“Shepherd is a great program. Not just for the sexually abused. When I came to The Shepherd Program on the referral of my pediatrician for one of my children, I could not have been prepared for the value this would add to my village and the strength it has given me to raise my family. I am a professional woman and a divorced mother of two. It was, in part, the support that my children and I were able to receive at Shepherd that empowered me with the tools and skills required to persevere beyond our circumstances. We have gone from an abusive home with anxious and depressed children to an understanding and welcoming home that provides each of my children the individual attention and growth capabilities they need to evolve into successful adults someday; and I know that should they ever need reinforcement of these skills The Shepherd Program will be there and/or the lessons learned from Shepherd can be reintroduced to energize their confidence and continue their path to independence. That’s what we are all doing here, with The Shepherd Program, developing successful future generations despite adversity.” ~ Parent

Testimonial #2

“As a mom, I have to say that the EOS Program is amazing. All my needs were met; the staff is amazing. My child’s clinician was excellent. I couldn’t ask for any better support. Melissa and Julie are the best! I thank God for this program, they have helped my child and myself come a long way.” ~ Parent

Testimonial #3

“I have never worked with an agency that cared as much as your staff. Thank you all very much for your help during these difficult times.” ~ Client

Testimonial #4

“My son started at Shepherd after witnessing domestic violence and he was also abused. Through his Home Based Clinician, he learned how to respect his mom, help around the house and is working on his relationship with his sister. He is better able to recognize his feelings and can actually control them. He comes to me when he needs help. They created a tool box to help him cope. He has changed greatly over the past two years and without this program I wouldn’t know what to do. His only male influence has been his abuser. He loves his therapist; he treats her like family which I guess she is.” ~ Parent

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Testimonial #5

“The Shepherd Program has helped our family by showing us ways to communicate with each other and helped us to understand what each other is going though. It showed us ways to bond with one another. It taught my son and daughter about Good, Bad and Secret touch and about good and bad decisions, ways to deal with everyday issues and non-everyday issues. It’s helped us become a better family all together. We are a closer family.” ~ Parent

Testimonial #6

“Brandi and Melissa (FISA Group Co-Leaders) were amazing and very knowledgeable! I was very nervous but they made this informative and supportive! Excellent!” ~ FISA Group Member

Testimonial #7

“Angelica is great. She is helpful, informative and understanding. All the providers were accommodating to my special needs and addressed crisis situations immediately. Very dependable.” ~ Parent

Testimonial #8

“I have learned so many things about myself with the help of my Clinician. Because of my Clinician and The Shepherd Program, I can actually live to see my 17th birthday! Years ago, I didn’t think that was possible. I am happy to have learned to accept who I am and to love myself. Also, I have built a better relationship with my mom. The Shepherd program also helped my mom with her depression which I am thankful for. Thank you!” ~ Client

Testimonial #9

“The Team of talented and caring professionals is why I choose to work at St. Mary’s. They have become family and friends and make it possible to do this challenging work.” ~ Clinician

Testimonial #10

“The Shepherd Program is the perfect combination of empathy, strength, support and professionalism.” ~ Clinician

Testimonial #11

“I love the fact that the environment here, even when we are dealing with some pretty intense, difficult situations, is always positive, empathetic and encouraging! And everyone here has a sense of humor, which is a great bonus!!!” ~ Care Coordinator