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Our Town: North Providence

Watch the video of the Rhode Island PBS series, Our Town, featuring North Providence and including a story about St. Mary’s Home for Children. St. Mary’s story appears in the second half of the program.

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Learn about Equine Therapy

Watch this story by about Equine Therapy that includes St. ary’s staff and the owner of Faith Hill Farms, which is our  Equine Therapy partner. Equine Therapy helps many of our clients work through their trauma.

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Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) - Horton, Hope, & Mauran
  • Intense, supportive treatment including individual, family, and group therapy.
  • Psychiatric services: evaluation, medication monitoring, and Psychiatrist-led treatment planning.
  • Serves girls and transgender youth 13-18 (Horton and Hope) and Youth 6-13 (Mauran).
  • Home-based, community-based, and aftercare services.
  • Peer Parent Support Partners for caregivers and Youth Mentor/Youth Advocate for youth.
  • Family finding and search for family members and other important people in the lives of youth.
Acute Residential Services (ARTS) - Harding Program
  • Hospital step-down or diversion program which serves boys ages 6-13 and girls ages 6-17. 
  • Intensive short-term stabilization and brief treatment.
  • Psychiatric evaluation, medicine management, assessment treatment planning, Individual, family and group therapy, and educational tutoring.
  • Third-party funded.
Assessment and Stabilization Services - Hills Program
  • Serves teen girls and transgender youth ages 12-17.
  • Clinical Assessment, Treatment Planning, individual, group, and family therapy.
  • Facilitates transportation to home and school districts,
  • Psychiatric services available as needed.
  • My Life My Choice program available.
  • Coordinates recreational activities in the community.
  • DCYF funded.