Shepherd Counseling Center

Trauma treatment for children & adults

Office and Community-Based Outpatient Services

The Shepherd Counseling Center offers a range of services tailored to assist individuals and families affected by sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and various traumas like family violence and physical abuse. Available programs cater to all age groups and encompass office-based counseling, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, community-based treatment, and clinical support groups. Each service provided is specifically designed to address trauma-related needs.

Our team of therapists specializes in offering office-based treatment focused on sexual abuse and trauma. We offer a range of intensive, community-based support tailored to children, adults, and families, with various funding options available. The duration of services depends on individual needs and the type of service provided. Community-based services are accessible statewide.

To learn more about our Shepherd Counseling Center or to make a referral, please contact the Outpatient Department’s Intake Coordinator at (401) 353-3900 ext. 416.

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