Residential Services

Comprehensive Youth Treatment that Delivers Tailored Care and Support

Tailored Supportive Care

Residential Services offers comprehensive treatment for youth aged 6-18, including individual, group, and family clinical services. Our campus accommodates up to 37 youth across five houses. Three houses (Horton, Hope, Mauran) are dedicated to intensive inpatient services for youth with mental health issues, while one house (Harding) operates as a hospital step-down/diversion program, and the remaining house (Hills) provides assessment and stabilization services.

Aligned with the national Building Bridges Initiative, our Residential Services prioritize family-driven, youth-guided, strength-based, culturally and linguistically competent, evidence- and practice-informed care, aiming for sustained positive outcomes. We uphold high standards of cultural and linguistic competence, clinical excellence, and measurable quality.

For more information about Residential Services, contact the Residential Department’s Intake Coordinator, Manyuan Kromah, at 401-353-3900 x 219 or

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Building Bridges Initiative

St. Mary’s Residential Services participates in a nationwide effort aimed at guaranteeing that residential treatment programs effectively address the requirements of youth and their families, known as the Building Bridges Initiative.