St. Mary’s Home for Children has been around for 143 years. Over that time, it has changed dramatically to become the modern mental health agency it is today.

But what does the future hold? What does St. Mary’s need to do to ensure that our work continues to meet the human needs of our community?

Our Strategic Plan guides us in terms of future services and programs but there is another aspect of St. Mary’s that has been left behind – our physical structure – our facilities and infrastructure. The fact is, our facilities are still stuck back in the time when St. Mary’s was an orphanage. And that’s not who St. Mary’s is today.

Our vision is to have a campus that reflects who we are now and beyond so that it works towards our mission as hard as our programs and services do. If we are to continue to do great work for our community, our campus needs to offer flexible, innovative space that benefits the children and families we serve today and tomorrow.

This is why we are embarking on an exciting new opportunity – building a Master Plan – which will be a roadmap to St. Mary’s future. It will shed light on questions such as what do we have now, where do we want to go, what are our priorities, and how do we want to implement St. Mary’s future infrastructure.

Our Board of Directors has taken on the challenge to fund this $65,000 Master Plan. This will be a chance for all of us to explore this dream together – to dream up the future structure of St. Mary’s. Our kids, families, and employees deserve a home they can be proud to call their own – stay tuned for more details as we embark on this exciting journey.