We have some exciting news from our Outpatient Department, historically referred to as The Shepherd Program. We have begun the process of a reorganization to better align our Leadership structure with the goal of future growth opportunities and sustainability for the Department as a whole.

As part of this reorg, we have shifted some job duties/titles and client service alignments. We have our client services now aligned into three specific categories: Office Based, Community Based, and Prevention Services. Each service has a unique and dedicated, knowledgeable Team to provide client services, with a Team Leader to guide the way! Due to this reorg, we have some open positions to fill! Please visit our website for more details!

We are thrilled that a big impact of this reorg was to provide career growth opportunities to our staff.

Outpatient Department Leadership

Spearheading this reorg and guiding the Outpatient Department through their metamorphosis is the Director, Melissa Santoro, LICSW, and Assistant Director, Jessica Clark, LICSW. Jess and Melissa bring a unique set of skills and strengths to the Department and balance each other’s role very well as they embark on this new venture together.

Melissa Santoro, LICSW, Director: Melissa started in the Outpatient Department as a Rhode Island College MSW Intern in 2014. She has been the Director of the Outpatient Department for the past 9 years, and previous to that was the Program Coordinator for home based crisis support and stabilization service, and previous to that was an office based trauma treatment specialist.
Jessica Clark, LICSW, Assistant Director: Jessica has been in her current position for the past 4 years, previous to that she was the Program Coordinator for home based crisis support and stabilization service and also provided home based stabilization services to clients and their families.

Outpatient Intake Coordinator

When people call St. Mary’s seeking help from the Outpatient Department, they talk to our Outpatient Intake Coordinator, who helps them discern which programs will be best for them. We promoted from within for this position.

Jamie Robenhymer, BSW, Outpatient Intake Coordinator: Jamie has been a hard working Community Based Services Care Coordinator for the past 2 years. Jamie came to us with both community based and residential treatment experience which made her an excellent fit for our client populations.  She has excelled in engaging with clients and families, and her commitment to the work done in the Outpatient Department has been evident in all her client and colleague interactions.  Jamie’s humor, love of pop culture (with a very impressive knowledge of the Jonas Brothers), insight and energy are a most welcome addition to the Outpatient Leadership Team!

Office Based Services Team

This leadership team will work together as a dynamic duo to support the Office Based Services Team in the awesome work that they do!  

Melissa Quinn Roy, LICSW, Office Based Services Team Leader: In this new position, Melissa will oversee all aspects of our Office Based Services. Melissa has been our Outpatient Intake Coordinator for the past 2 years and provided trauma specific office based services as a clinician in our department for 5 years prior.
Laura Boucher Potter, LICSW, Office Based Clinical Supervisor: Laura has been providing trauma specific treatment to children, adults and their families for the past 15 years!

Community Based Services Team

This leadership team will oversee all aspects of our community based trauma specific treatment services.

Kim Pelletier, LICSW, Community Based Services Team Leader: Kim has been a Program Coordinator for a specialized service supporting families formed through adoption and foster care in our Outpatient Department for the past 5 years. Prior to that she was our Intake Coordinator, and prior to that she provided crisis intervention and supportive services to families in the community. As part of our reorg, To support her in these efforts, she has two amazing Clinical Supervisors who not only provide community based services, but also support the Clinicians doing the work as well! 
Tracene Boisvert, LMHC, Community Based Services Clinical Supervisor: Tracene was promoted to this positionand has been a diehard community based clinician for the past 3 years and of the last year had been a great support to her peers as a Clinical Mentor. She has been part of the St. Mary’s family, on and off, over the last 25 years and firmly stands behind the culture and mission of the agency.
Angelica Spirito, LMHC, Community Based Services Clinical Supervisor: Angelica has lent her trauma treatment expertise to this department for the past 21 years! She is our strengths based cheerleader and always has the clients we serve best interests at heart! 
Another part of our reorg plan is ensuring that our Care Coordinators have all the support and guidance they need as they go above and beyond in supporting the families that we serve through our Community Based Services.

Allison Zabala, Care Coordinator Mentor: Allison has been a rock star in this position for the past 4 years, and previous to that supported the children and families we served through our residential services at SMHFC.

Gabby Schmidt, BSW, Care Coordinator Mentor: Gabby was promoted as part of the reorg to this position! Gabby has been tirelessly providing supportive services to clients and families through home based services for the past 2 years, and was a BSW intern with the campus school prior to joining our Department. We look forward to seeing what magic she brings to the Care Coordinator Team!

Prevention Services Team

This team will oversee our home based crisis support and stabilization services.

Steve Addy, LMHC, Prevention Services Team Leader: Steve has been a Program Coordinator for our home based crisis support and stabilization service for the past 5 years but under the reorg, his title changes to this leadership position. Prior to being a Program Coordinator, Steve was a Clinical supervisor in our department and provided home based treatment to children, adults and their families. He will oversee our home based crisis support and stabilization services, as well as create room to grow new prevention service opportunities!
Nikki Lawrence, LMHC, Prevention Services Clinical Supervisor: Nikki will provide home based services, as well as support the Clinical Team Members doing the work. Nikki has her MA in Expressive Arts Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. She has over 10 years of experience as a mental health counselor, including home based work, and has spent the past four years as a supervisor to our Building Bridges Initiative Team in the Residential Department. This new position will allow Nikki the chance to not only provide top notch home based crisis intervention services to clients through our Enhanced Outpatient Services (EOS) program, but she will also lend her expertise as an amazing clinical supervisor to some of our awesome Prevention Services Team Members! We are so lucky to have Nikki join our Outpatient Leadership Team!